Documentary film about a strange hobby, a British tradition, curiosity, collecting, obession, and drinking good old real ale.


A crazy documentary film about beer drinking and collecting. The hobby of beerticking

Following several of the best beertickers as they search the UK and abroad for new ales to drink and tick! Brian the Champ leads the pack with almost 40,000 different real ales; his mate Mick the Tick not far behind with a hobby that's taken over nearly 40 years of his life.


News about beer, real ale, craft brewing and microbrewing

Microbeweries are making new real ales, cask and craft beer every day. Some of the best breweries are located in the UK, USA, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. The problem is sampling them all! But if you are beer ticker, this is your mission... well, technically its a hobby, probably the best hobby in the world!


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“An exuberant journey through a quintessentially British hobby. Be thirsty. Be very, very thirsty.” Pete Brown, Beer writer &amp; author
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